Media Desk

Durham District School Board's Communications and Public Relations department handles media relations and is responsible for:

  • Promoting two-way communication with our communities
  • Public relations
  • Media and news releases
  • Special events
  • Social media and advertising
  • Promoting newsworthy, school-based stories
  • Putting reporters in touch with Board spokespeople
  • Providing the Board's position on issues
  • Setting up proper permissions for media, film, photography and student interviews
  • Director's Annual Report
  • Annual Information Calendar
  • Strategic Communications Plan
  • Other informal publications
Acceptable Use Guideline for DDSB Social Media Channels

The DDSB is actively engaged on social media channels including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to foster transparency and communication with students, parents, guardians, and our community.

We welcome feedback about our schools and services, which can be sent to a students’ school administration, superintendent, or through Not all feedback or comments posted to our social media can or will be responded to, however, all are read, and themes are relayed to the appropriate staff for action.

The DDSB reserves the right to remove or block comments, content, and users deemed to be discriminatory (for example, based on ancestry, race, sex, disability, gender identity, gender expression, creed/religion or other Human Rights Code protected grounds), hateful, harassing, offensive, abusive, inappropriate, inflammatory, or otherwise violates DDSB policies and procedures.


Media contacts

If you are a reporter or member of the media, please contact us to discuss stories, permission, releases, and the Board's position on issues or news items. Please review the DDSB’s Media Relations Protocol.

General Contact

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Communications Specialists

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Communications Assistant

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