Durham District School Board

400 Taunton Road East,
Whitby, ON
L1R 2K6 Canada
Phone 905-666-5500
Fax 905-666-6474
Toll Free 1-800-265-3968

Academic Services: Superintendents of Education
Human Resources, Kristen Lloyd: 905-666-6343
Associate Director: Corporate Services
Associate Director: Equitable Education
Clinical Services
Corporate Services: Business/Financial
Corporate Services: Facility Services
Corporate Services: Information Technology Services
Director of Education
Director Services: Accountability and Assessment
Director Services: Communications and Public Relations
Director Services: Human Rights and Equity Advisor
Director Services: Legal Counsel
Mohamed Hamid: 905-666-6486
Emilie McAlister: 905-666-6929
Jacquie Protomanni: 905-666-5500 ext. 5440
Steffanie Pelleboer: 905-666-6005
Trustee’s Office