Report an Absence

Durham District School Board uses the online SchoolMessenger service for reporting absences.

Create a SchoolMessenger Account

To create your account:

  1. Go to the SchoolMessenger website;
  2. Use the same email address we have on record for you (use the Parent Portal if you're not sure what contact information we have or to update it);
  3. Create a password; and
  4. Check your email and verify your account.

If you have more than one child enrolled through the app, use the options menu to select which child. This menu is at the top of the screen (top left for the mobile app).

Do not share your login information with your children and keep your information protected.

If you don't want to create an online account, you can continue to call 1-844-350-2646.

Report a Student Absence

You can report an absence by:

Student Absence Codes

There have been three new absence codes created to help families navigate the current situation, in addition to the existing absence codes. We are including a listing of all absence codes below to help you decide which absence to put into the system.

(NEW) Illness – Covid Positive Test

If your child is absent from school because they tested positive for COVID-19 on a PCR or rapid test, please use this absence code.


Please use this code to inform us if your child is not attending school due to an illness that is not covered by the above noted code.

(NEW) COVID-Quarantine

This is a new absence code to notify us that your child is not currently ill, but is self-isolating due to provincial guidelines (for example: someone else in the household testing positive for COVID-19). If your child has tested positive, please use the “Illness – Covid Positive Test” code each day that your child is away to notify us.


If your child is not attending school due to an appointment, please use this absence code.

Bus Cancellation

If your child’s bus was cancelled for any reason or by weather and schools are still open, please use this absence code.


If your child is away on a vacation, please use this absence code.

Parent or Guardian Approved Absence

If you have approved your child’s absence for any reason and the other codes do not apply, please use this absence code.

Religious Holiday

If your child is not attending due to a religious holiday, please use this absence code.

If you call in via the 1-844-350-2646 phone number to report your child’s absence, you will hear 8 absence code options. To ensure the absence is recorded correctly, please refer to the following image.

List of Student Absence Codes