FSL Programs Review

We are looking for community feedback on strategies to address our growing enrolment in our French immersion school. Based on feedback from the school communities the Board has initiated a district-wide French as a Second Language (FSL) Review to provide the Board of Trustees with data-driven recommendations to move forward with FSL programming. 

Public Consultation Meetings:

  • October 1, 2020, 7:00 PM — Whitby, Oshawa Trustees will be in attendance 
  • October 8, 2020, 7:00 PM — Ajax, Pickering, North Trustees will be in attendance - Video - PowerPoint


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the DDSB participating in a French as a Second Language (FSL) Review? 

The purpose of the DDSB FSL Review is to examine the challenges and successes of our FSL programs, identify needs and recommend strategies to ensure high quality, inclusive education for all students.

Why is it important for my voice to be heard regarding the Core French and French Immersion programs? 

At the DDSB we value all stakeholders’ opinions and recognize that everyone brings different perspectives to the table that need to be addressed.

How will I know that my opinion will make a difference in my child’s future?

All perspectives will be taken into consideration when recommendations and the information gathered will provide us with data-driven feedback and information that will be put forward to the DDSB Board of Trustees. 

What is the difference between dual and single track schools?

French Immersion programs are designed for students whose family heritage is other than French.  DDSB offers two delivery models:  Single Track and Dual track.  Dual-tack schools offer French immersion and English language classes.  Single-track schools offer only French Immersion classes.

When will the public consultations for the French as a Second Language (FSL) Review happen?

The virtual consultation sessions are scheduled to happen on October 1 for Whitby and Oshawa and October 8 for Ajax, Pickering, North. Both sessions will start at 7 pm.

How can I participate and share my opinions about the FSL Programs Review?

Participants are welcome to attend any virtual consultation session that best suits their schedule.

We also encourage you share your thoughts at 905-666-6092 or fsl@ddsb.ca.

When will decisions be made regarding FSL programs? 

Recommendations will be presented to the DDSB Board of Trustees in the Winter 2020.

Will the public have access to the report that Trustees will receive? 
Yes. The public will be able to access this report via the DDSB website.