Life is a Series of Choices – Choose You

Posted On Tuesday February 18, 2020
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Spoken word poet Dwayne Morgan encouraged students to fall in love with themselves on February 3rd.

Dwayne Morgan shares an inspirational message with DDSB elementary students

In recognition of Black History Month, award-winning spoken word artist and Scarborough native Dwayne Morgan joined students at Williamsburg Public School in Whitby on February 3rd.

Students in Grades 7 and 8 from Williamsburg PS and Captain Michael VandenBos PS gathered in the gym for some real-life anecdotes and relatable poetry.

Fall in Love with Yourself

“Love is a motivator. It’s hard to choose you, if you don’t love yourself,” explains Morgan. He shared the example of Black men and women during the time of racial segregation who stood up for themselves by entering local businesses that had signs posted outside prohibiting Black patrons. “They willingly put themselves in harms way. Why? Because they loved themselves enough to insist to be treated with love and respect,” says Morgan.

Morgan went on to say that simply watching less and doing more can change your outlook and result in becoming the person you want to be, “Don’t be a professional spectator. The way you respond to situations is based on how much you love yourself. When you fall in love with yourself, things that seemed impossible become possible.”

To help students start the process of self-love, Morgan sent them home with a new homework assignment. “Before you leave for school, stop in front of the mirror. Look at yourself, really look. And tell yourself, ‘you have got to be the hottest thing walking.’” Students erupted in laughter, but Morgan smiled and assured them, “Trust me, it works. Do it every day and you will notice a difference.”

Putting Words into Action

After Morgan’s presentation he joined the Grade 8 classes in their writing workshops, helping them with their work.

Andyn and Jahmeel, Grade 8 Williamsburg PS students, say hearing Dwayne Morgan’s message of self-love has motivated them to do better in all aspects of life.

Jahmeel adds, “I want to try that looking in the mirror exercise! Self-confidence gets you where you want to go so that you can accomplish what you want to do.”

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