Being Proud of Your Identity and Who You Are

Posted On Wednesday May 08, 2019
Girls Night In - 1
L-R: J. Clarke Richardson Collegiate Vice-Principal Saamah Jadoon and Brooklin HS teacher Sarah Gilbride organized the 3rd Annual Brooklin HS Girls Night In event on April 11th.

Brooklin High School Celebrates 3rd Annual Girls Night In Event with students and staff

On April 11, over 100 Brooklin High School students and over 50 staff gathered at Brooklin HS to celebrate the 3rd Annual Girls Night In event.

“Girls Night In is an evening of empowerment and confidence building,” explains Saamah Jadoon, Vice-Principal at J. Clarke Richardson Collegiate. Jadoon was a teacher at Brooklin HS when she brought Girls Night In to the school. She and Sarah Gilbride, a teacher at Brooklin HS, are the two main organizers behind this year’s event. “This event is for Brooklin HS staff and students to relax and enjoy the activities, but also to connect with one another,” says Gilbride.

Activities and stations included: a photo booth, creating a mosaic mural, henna hand art, ping pong, art therapy, essential oils, robotics, karaoke, and much more.

At the mosaic mural station, participants chose a word that described them (i.e. funny, charismatic, smart, etc.), and then coloured in and around the word using watercolour pencils. The art pieces were then posted to the wall to create one giant mural.    

Students and staff were also treated to a delicious meal catered by students in Brooklin HS’s culinary program.

For Grade 9 students Ella Hughes and Sophia Williams, this was their first Brooklin HS Girls Night In, and they raved about it. “There are so many activities. There’s something for everyone,” says Hughes. Williams adds, “It’s really nice to see girls coming together.” Both students said they will definitely continue coming to Girls Night In events in their next three years of high school.

Jadoon says she started the Girls Night In initiative in 2010, and is so happy that other schools such as Anderson CVI and J. Clarke Richardson Collegiate have been sharing the event with their staff and students since then, “We want to create a welcoming environment for everyone, and we want young girls to be proud of their identities and who they are.”