Equity: Eastdale CVI Students Celebrate Cultures

Posted On Tuesday December 24, 2019
Eastdale CVI Fashion Show
Eastdale CVI students showing off their traditional clothing at the end of the Diversity Fair Fashion Show. (L-R) Shaban Rizwan Grade 10, Hamnah Asim Grade 10, Mamanar Diasse Grade 12, Betty Amare Grade 11, Mustafa Amin Grade 10, Kaitlyn Norris Grade 10 and Inbsat Asim Grade 12.

Staff and students learn about each other as they host their 5th Annual Diversity Fair

On December 13, students from Eastdale Collegiate Vocational Institute (CVI), celebrated different cultures during their 5th Annual Diversity Fair.

“The Diversity Fair is a great opportunity for students and staff to get together and show off their cultural traditions and foods. It’s also a way for students to engage with each other and learn about another culture,” says Lillian Coronado, Teacher Advisor for the Diversity Club.   

The Diversity Club currently has approximately 20 student members, along with four Teacher Advisors, Lillian Coronado, Meghan Mills, Tracey Reynolds, and Norm Wellington. The group starts planning the Diversity Fair at the beginning of the school year. Coronado said, “over 1000 students and staff came to the fair and over 500 students participated by showcasing class work, bringing food and through performances. It gets bigger and better every year. The club is always looking for new student members to join.”

“One of the main reasons that it [the Diversity Fair] is really important is because we go to a school where diversity is not really recognized a lot and we want to bring the cultures to everyone,” says Hamnah Asim, Grade 10 student and MC for the Diversity Fair performances. “As a person who has a different culture myself, it’s really important for me to be able to express myself.”

Not Just Jeans and Hoodies

The entire school community participated in the day. Some parents made traditional dishes, or sourced cultural clothing, and educators and students created themed displays. For example, the Health and Physical Education Department’s display featured women who have made a difference in sports, and the Science Department’s display was about where minerals from the periodical table were discovered around the world. These displays were informative and great conversation starters. 

 “It’s the one time a year when people can really express the other side of them, rather than always wearing jeans and a hoodie,” expresses Inbsat Asim, Grade 11 student and one of the students in the fashion show. “You get to wear your traditional clothing. People like to see how beautiful your culture is and what you have to offer. We talk about diversity so much in school, but we don’t really show it that much. So, this is that one time when people can come together and see all the differences that bring us together.

CoronadO said that Eastdale CVI is another home for the students and it’s great for them to celebrate who they are.