School Naming Committee seeks submissions for Unnamed Beaverton Public School

Posted On Friday May 05, 2023

Every time the DDSB undergoes a naming process for our schools, we aim to make the process as transparent, equitable, accessible, and respectful as possible.

This is your opportunity to get involved!

The School Naming Committee is seeking new name submissions for the Unnamed Beaverton Public School. Submit your idea(s) by filling out the survey no later than 4 p.m. on Friday, May 19.

Criteria for New Names: Submissions must support the Board’s commitment to Indigenous rights, human rights, equity, and anti-oppressive principles and practices. The name of a school must not interfere with a student’s right to an education free from discrimination or discriminatory barriers.

As highlighted in the DDSB School Naming Policy, the name of a school may/must be:

  • The name of a renowned individual of historical significance whose contribution to the local community, Canadian society, or to the world is recognized and valued and would be seen by the community as representative of the values of the DDSB; or
  • The name of a geographic landmark associated with the location of the school including a street name and the name of the community including any historical name for the community or area; or
  • The name of a significant Canadian event.
  • In no case shall any school be named after a corporation, a sitting politician, a current employee of the Board, a member of the Board, or a member of the immediate family of the foregoing.

Naming Process: The School Naming Committee receives, reviews, and considers submissions from the broader school community, then narrows submissions for further consultation as outlined in the Procedure.

Anticipated Timeline (subject to change):

  • May 19 – First consultation survey closes.
  • May 25 – The School Naming Committee will review and consider submissions and narrow them for a second round of community consultation.
  • June 6 – Second consultation survey closes.
  • June 8 – The School Naming Committee will review feedback and recommend to the Board of Trustees the proposed new name. In accordance with the Naming of Schools Procedure, the top three choices from the School Naming Committee will be presented in either scenario.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feedback. We look forward to your participation. For those who wish to submit names via telephone, please contact Sylvie Niles at 905-666-6376.