DDSB Elects Chair and Committee Membership for 2023

Posted On Thursday November 17, 2022
Donna Edwards
Donna Edwards, Chair of the Board of Trustees

At the Board Meeting of the Durham District School Board (DDSB) held on Tuesday, November 15, 2022, Trustees elected a Chair, Vice Chair and committee members for 2023. 

The November 15 meeting included the election of the Chair of the Board of Trustees, Donna Edwards as well as: 

  • Christine Thatcher - Vice Chair of the Board of the Trustees   
  • Emma Cunningham - Vice Chair of the Board’s Committee of the Whole - Standing Committee 
  • Carolyn Morton - Chair of the Education Finance Committee 
  • Tracy Brown - Chair of the Governance and Policy Committee 

A complete list of Board Committees and Trustee Liaisons can be found on the DDSB's website. 


“I am pleased to serve as Chair of the Board of Trustees for the upcoming year and thank my colleagues for their support. I look forward to working collaboratively with my colleagues on the Board of Trustees for the benefit of all students and staff within the DDSB community.” 

- Donna Edwards, Chair of the Board of Trustees  

Quick Facts: 

  • The Board of Trustees serves a critical function in the governance of school boards.  
  • The Board of Trustees at the Durham District School Board has 11 trustees who are elected for a four-year term and three student trustees who serve a one-year term.  
  • While trustees are elected by area, they work together as a Board of Trustees on matters of policy in the best interests of parents and students from across Durham Region.  
  • Trustees are important advocates for public education and are committed to student achievement and well-being. They serve as an important link to our diverse communities and often bring forward matters of concern to the Board table to facilitate meaningful discussion and policy making.   
  • The Board of Trustees holds internal elections annually to fill certain positions on the Board and its committees. 
  • Donna Edwards was first elected as a Trustee representing the Town of Ajax in 2010. She is a strong believer in an accessible, equitable, public education system. She also believes every child can be successful in whatever path they choose, if provided with quality education in a safe and equitable learning environment.  
  • Before becoming a Trustee, Donna was very involved in her children’s School Community Council and the Special Education Advisory Committee. She is also an active member in the community, being involved with several associations and coaching for Special Olympics Ontario.