The Blueprint Project: Framing Your Future Success

Posted On Tuesday August 10, 2021

Registration is now open for

The Blueprint Project: Framing Your Future Success

 Registration will close on August 18, 4:00 PM or once we have reached maximum capacity.

 *Our maximum number of participants is 40.


The Blueprint Project: Framing Your Future Success is the Durham Black Educator Network's goal  to support Black students in building strong and confident leadership skills that will ensure their success throughout high school. Students will be provided with a toolkit of skills and resources that will empower them to take ownership of their transition and next steps. Students will leave the program with their own personalized “ingredients” necessary to be successful. 

This program is for students who self-identify as Black, who have graduated from Durham District School Board elementary schools and are now preparing to enter Grade 9 DDSB Secondary Schools..  Registration is open now until August 18. The duration of the program is August 23 to August 26, 2021

Program Overview: 

This is a culturally responsive approach focused on engaging in authentic conversations about navigating the high school experience. This program begins from the knowledge and understanding that Black identity is at the center of learning and that their Blackness is important to their overall engagement and success. 

Student look fors:

  • Students who self-identify as Black
  • June 2021 DDSB Graduates entering Grade 9 DDSB Secondary Schools
  • Youth who are interested in courses and activities that will support their strengths and interests
  • Students who are open to supplemental support
  • Students who have demonstrated leadership skills 
  • Students who need skills for navigating educator feedback and social interactions


Session Breakdown:


Day 1: My Black Is...

Students will talk about defining their Black identity as it relates to their present realities and future social interactions.

Day 2: My Decision...

How will you stand out? 

Students will navigate collaboratively through real world academic and social scenarios. 

Day 3: My Confidence...

Developing and amplifying the student voice will be the focus of this session’s conversation.

Day 4: My Brilliance...

Students will complete their program by  reflecting upon their personal growth and next steps for success with caregivers. 

Please note that spaces for this program are limited and responses are time sensitive.

Register before August 18 to participate:

For more information about The Blueprint Project: Framing Your Future Success please contact:

Amanda Henry-Balcombe, DBEN’s The Blueprint Project Lead                                                                        


Cheryl Rock,  DBEN Chair