Fifty World War II Model Planes Donated to Brock High School

Posted On Friday November 06, 2020
Brock 1 (Phone)
Donated replica of a plane flown in World War II.

Fifty (50) World War II model planes were recently donated to Brock High School to help enrich student learning about history.

The models are exact replicas of planes flown in World War II, right down to the scale and markings. Local community member and parent Peter Dauncey created this collection over 25 years and is donating it to help students recognize the enormous sacrifices made by Canadians and the veterans of the Township of Brock.

Remembrance Day is personal for many in the Township of Brock and Mr. Dauncey attributes his passion for history to growing up knowing he had uncles who had fought in the war. The model planes will be displayed as part of Brock High Schools' recognition of Remembrance Day and will be featured in lessons about World War II. 


“Our community has always stood proud in recognizing our bravery, patriotism and sacrifice. We are over the moon to have such a valuable gift donated to help enhance student learning in the classroom, especially at this time of year. I look forward to the day when I can view these model planes and shake the hand of Peter Dauncey. This is an incredible gift to the entire school community.”

– Carolyn Morton, Trustee, Townships of Brock, Scugog & Uxbridge

“As a history enthusiast I personally feel it is very important that students today have a close look at the history and sacrifices made so they can have the lives they do. It’s so true that when people forget the past, the future can't be secure.”

– Peter Dauncey, Parent, Brock High School

“We are constantly thrilled by the incredible generosity of our Brock community, and of Mr. Dauncey in particular, which reinforces Brock as an extraordinary place.  The school and community’s appreciation of our veteran's contributions is exceptionally deep in Brock Townships because it is nurtured by passionate history teachers and reinforced at home and by the community in general.”

– James Klodnicki, Principal, Brock High School

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