Strategic Plan

The Durham District School Board has a multi-year Strategic Plan that was adopted in September 2018 following a thorough consultation with stakeholders. The plan sets out our strategic priorities and operating goals, with updates occurring regularly.

View the Strategic Plan brochure and the Strategic Plan poster for a brief explanation of the plan and its highlights.

The plan was extended by the Board of Trustees by a further two years to September 2023, recognizing that the Ignite Learning Strategic Plan has become well known throughout the District and is prevalent in schools across the system. This extension provides stability for the system during the COVID-19 pandemic and continues the District’s important focus on six strategic priorities: 

  • Success
  • Well-Being
  • Leadership
  • Equity
  • Engagement
  • Innovation

A new strategic planning process will start in January 2023 to develop the next Strategic Plan for the Durham District School Board.