The “Bell Let’s Talk” Flag Flies at Clara Hughes Public School

Posted On Tuesday February 04, 2020
Clara Hughes PS staff and students proudly gathered around the flagpole to raise the “Bell Let’s Talk” flag on January 27th.

Clara Hughes and Bell Canada gifted the DDSB school with a flag and toques for every staff member and student

“We make sure students know they have a safe space where there’s always somebody they can speak to,” states Sharon Knights, Principal of Clara Hughes Public School in Oshawa.

The school recently received a “Bell Let’s Talk” flag as well as toques for every staff member and student at the school. The generous gift came from the school’s namesake, Clara Hughes, and Bell Canada.

Wednesday, January 29th is known internationally as Bell Let’s Talk Day, so the school community thought it was a perfect idea to raise the flag on Monday, January 27th, and fly it for the entire week.

That chilly Monday morning, students and staff donned their blue “Bell Let’s Talk” toques, gathered around the flagpole and proudly raised the flag to sit just below the Canadian flag.

Talking About Mental Health

Knights says the school doesn’t just support an open dialogue about mental health when Bell Let’s Talk Day rolls around, “Our teachers are fantastic at building relationships with the students. Those relationships make approaching the difficult conversations a little easier, when kids feel that connection.”