Human Rights, Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Racism Policy

Following an extensive two-phased community consultation process over the past 18 months, the Board of Trustees approved the Human Rights, Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Racism Policy at the May 16, 2022 Board meeting (review the agenda or watch the recorded Board Meeting – May 16, 2022).  

We are currently updating this webpage to post the approved policy and related procedures. We are also developing related information materials that will also be posted on this page. In the meantime, you can view the approved policy and the related procedures in the May 16, 2022 Board Meeting Agenda Package 

Prior to approval, the Board of Trustees carefully reviewed and revised the draft policy at Governance and Policy Committee meetings held on October 25, 2021, November 9, 2021, January 24, 2022, January 31, 2022, March 3, 2022 and March 24, 2022.  

We sincerely thank students, parents/guardians, employees, affinity groups, stakeholders, partners and community members for your valuable input throughout the consultation process. All feedback was carefully considered and your voice helped to shape the Human Rights Policy. We appreciate your suggestions and comments! 

Learn more about the consultation process: 

Human Rights Policy Consultations – Phase 2  (including previous draft versions of the policy and related procedures)  

Watch the Governance and Policy Committee meetings: