Rural and Northern Education Fund

This funding is dedicated for school boards to further improve education for students from rural communities. School boards are expected to use the funding for rural education based on local needs and report publicly on how the funding is used, such as:

  • Improving programming and support services in rural schools (e.g. French immersion, arts education and guidance counselling);
  • Continuing the operation of eligible rural schools; and/or
  • Enhancing student transportation options such as late bus runs and mobile online learning through tablets or Wi-Fi.

Funding allotted to the school board may be used for board-level expenses which support students from rural communities (e.g. transportation) or for school-level expenses using the ‘List of Schools Eligible for the Rural and Northern Education Fund’ provided on the Ministry of Education website. The list comprises schools in which at least half of the students are from rural communities. School boards are required to publicly post details of Rural and Northern Education Fund (RNEF) expenses as well as those schools in which RNEF funding was spent.

Review the reports: