Inclusive Student Services

Inclusive Student Services provide a range of services, supports, programs and placements for students with special education needs in the Durham District School Board (DDSB). Students' needs are met through a variety of supports and programs within the DDSB at both the elementary and secondary levels. All programs promote integration and independence that are optimally suited for each individual student.

For most students with special needs, their families choose programming and supports through regular class placements, with an appropriate level of accommodations and/or modifications to their program. Special education classes are also options and provide a greater intensity of support for students who require this level of programming for their success. Together with classroom teachers, Special Education Resource Teachers (SERTs) and Administrators form the core of a student's school team.

Autism Resource Services

Autism Resource Services is a designated multidisciplinary team that is a part of the continuum of existing DDSB supports for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The Autism Resource team (ART) consists of members from Psychological Services (Board Certified Behaviour Analysts), Instructional Facilitators and Speech/Language Pathologists. The ART team provides assessment, consultation and in-school mentoring and modeling of strategies to build skills that promote student success. 

Psychological Services

Psychological Services staff provide five service functions for the DDSB: consultation, assessment, direct service, crisis response and capacity building. Each service function serves to assist staff, students and families access school programming in a way that seeks to ensure that student needs related to learning, development, social and behavioral functioning, and mental health are met in an inclusive manner.

Social Work and Attendance Services

Social Work and Attendance Services support students who have personal or family issues that are influencing their ability to access learning effectively. Social Work staff identify the issues affecting student attendance and school functioning. The team works with students, parent(s)/guardians and school staff to find conducive solutions.

Speech, Language and Hearing Services

Speech, Language and Hearing Services provides students with educational support to help them develop effective communication skills. We also offer a number of resources to parents to support their child's development. 

Additional DDSB services

In addition to school-based staff, the Inclusive Student Services department provides supports for students, families and school teams through the services of specialized educators and professional services staff.

 Gifted program
The DDSB Gifted program offers blended and separate educational programs for our gifted students. We also offer resources to parents, students and educators to support gifted learners.

Inclusive Technology team

The Inclusive Technology team provides support to students who require technology to access curriculum. Inclusive Technology Facilitators support classroom teachers in implementation of technology into their daily program, and the Inclusive Technology Trainers provide hands-on learning for students and their families to help them become proficient users of a variety of software and hardware. This team is always looking for additional resources to support the diverse needs of our students.

Short-Term Assistance Response team

The Short-Term Assistance Response Team (START) provides support to classroom teachers and school teams in programming for students with specialized needs which include challenging behaviours that may interfere with adequate school functioning. The team includes members of Psychological Services, Instructional Facilitators and specially trained Educational Assistants who provide in-school mentoring and modeling of strategies developed in collaboration with the school team to build skills to promote student success.
Vision Resource Services
Vision Resource Teachers have an integral role to support the learning needs of students with vision impairments or related learning exceptionalities who require support to access the curriculum. Services may include direct service to students and/or consultation services to support visual accommodations. 

Work Experience Coordinator

The Community Work Experience Coordinator collaborates with community partners to create opportunities for students with special education needs to practice and refine classroom-based practical learning skills in real-world workplace settings. The Work Experience Coordinator works with teachers and school staff so that students can access work placements safely and develop employability and life skills on work sites through supervised, structured, and guided practice. 

Athletes Doing Accessible Programs Through Sport (ADAPTS)

ADAPTS provides student-athletes with special needs an opportunity to participate in individual and team sports. We offer recreational and competitive environments.