Inclusive Technology Supports

For Students, Families and Educators

Technology can provide a tremendous opportunity to engage, inspire, support, master, and much more.  Durham District School Board (DDSB) understands the importance of technology to support inclusive education.  There are a number of programs and technology tools that our staff and students use to support their learning each day. This page has been developed to support students, families, community partners and staff in understanding what is available in the DDSB, how to use various products, and the purpose behind each tool.  When we work together to support the use of inclusive technology, the impact is much greater.

Device Support and Accessibility
Device Support 
French as a Second Language Supports


Alternative Access
  • Standard access to technology is accessing a laptop using the touchscreen, keyboard, trackpad or mouse.  And access on an iPad is using the touchscreen, keyboard, or mouse.
  • Alternate mouse access includes single or multiple switches and interfaces, a joystick, track ball and eye gaze
  • Chooseit Maker is a website to develop skills required for students who use alternate access methods such as switches, joysticks, touch or eye gaze (tracking).  Students play personalized learning activities on any device and educators use photos, images, symbols, text and sounds to individualize the games, activities and quizzes.

For more information about alternate access methods, reach out to your child’s Special Education Resource Teacher (SERT) to consult with DDSB Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists. 

Care and Maintenance
To support all students who have received a DDSB Chromebook through the 1:1 or Special Education Allocation (SEA) programs, view some tips on safe and healthy use of the devices. 
Clear Cache
  • Clearing your browser’s cache of images and website data often solves issues that arise when websites that were previously loaded in Chrome may stop working properly. This may include symptoms such as the browser crashing when specific sites are loaded, sites freezing at specific points, or sites loading with blank segments.
Power Wash
  • If a Chromebook is not functioning properly, it may be recommended that your child “Power Wash” the device. This process resets the Chromebook back to its factory default settings and clears any data stored internally on the device. 

Remove unapproved extensions

DDSB Educator Resources

Resources for DDSB educators are located in the staff portal, Spark.