Social Work and Attendance Services

Social Workers and Attendance Counsellors work with students, families, teachers and principals to resolve social, emotional and behavioural issues that may limit a student's academic progress. Durham District School Board offers these services during the school year.

Attendance services

We aim to promote student achievement through regular attendance. Principals, parents, guardians or a community member can refer a student to attendance services.

Counsellors will work with the student, their parents or guardians and school staff to identify the factors that are inhibiting regular attendance. Together, we will create a plan to support the student's continued attendance at school.

Social work services

If you are a student, parent or guardian you can ask a teacher, principal or guidance counsellor about how to contact a social worker.

School staff can contact the school social worker regarding a student and together decide if a referral would be helpful. A parent or guardian will need to sign a Consent for Service form. This will indicate that school staff seeking assistance from a social worker and we have received your consent.

All social workers employed by the DDSB are registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers.