Bullying Prevention and Intervention

Bullying Prevention and Intervention is part of Durham District School Board's (DDSB) Positive School Climates initiative. Bullying is a serious issue that can affect individuals, families and the community at large. If students who are bullied, who bully others, or who witness bullying receive support, they can learn effective strategies for interacting positively with others.

Report a bullying incident

Fill out an online bullying incident report if you experience or witness bullying.

Report Bullying

Students, parents, guardians, friends and witnesses can report incidents. You can report an incident that takes place on or off school property.

DDSB behaviour policies

To limit bullying, students are responsible for reading and following these policies:

DDSB bullying prevention information

We have created various resources for parents and educators to prevent bullying and cyberbullying within our schools:

Parent and Community Resources

Ontario Ministry of Education: Bullying – We Can All Help Stop It

Tip Sheets on Ad​dressing and Reporting Bullying

Ministry of Education bullying information

The Ontario Ministry of Education provides schools and school boards as well as parents and families with a variety of resources to identify, prevent and support children who have been bullied or bully others.

Promoting Relationships and Eliminating Violence Network (PREVNet)

PREVNet's mission is to end bullying in Canada and promote safe and healthy relationships for all Canadian children. They provide resources for students, parents and teachers to address and prevent all forms of bullying.