Well-Being and Mental Health

We acknowledge that many of our students, parents/guardians, staff and school communities are all experiencing uncertainty and worry about their health and safety, and that of their loved ones. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, leading to ongoing disruptions in our personal and professional lives, it is important to acknowledge these impacts and intentionally look for ways to maintain and support our collective mental health and well-being.

Direct Access to DDSB Mental Health Team

The DDSB has members of our Social Work and Psychological Services teams available to connect with you throughout the summer.  Our team can speak directly to you about your concerns and help connect you with services or supports in the community which can provide additional supports.  

Connect with our Mental Health Team

We’ve created and gathered a variety of coping strategies and resources to support the needs of students, parents/guardians and staff.

Student Well-Being on green background

Self-Care & Healthy Habits 

Student Self Care 101 

8 Feel Good Tips to Boost Your Mood

Healthy Habits - How to Learn from Home 

Tips for Changing your Frame During COVID 19

Gratitude Resources 

Benefits of Gratitude 

Gratitude Tips - Video 

Gratitude Prompts

Reach Out for Help 

No Problem Too Big Or Too Small 

Reaching Out 

Kids Help Phone:  We are Here to Help


Parent/Guardian Well-Being on green background

Well-Being & Healthy Habits 

Personal Resiliency 

Healthy Habits - Sleep Hygiene in Kids 

Healthy Habits - How to Learn from Home 

Supporting Mental Health and Wellness During the Return to School 

Manage Stress with these 10-Tips for Resiliency 

Healthy Habits - 7 Ways to Reduce Stress

Easy and Fun Mental Health Activities for Home 

Consider these playful activities that can help children learn fun and easy ways to support their mental health and cope during these challenging times.


Read Aloud Books 

Mental health is an essential component of overall health. These read aloud picture books can be a fun and easy way to help children learn about their mental health and well-being. 

What’s My Superpower? – By Aviaq Johnston 

Sweetest Kulu – By Celina Kalluk 

My Heart – By Corinna Luyken 

We’re All Wonders – By R.J. Palacio 

Teacup – By Rebecca Young 

Whimsy’s Heavy Things – By Julie Kraulis 

Visiting Feelings – By Lauren Rubenstein 


Find the above videos available in other languages on the School Mental Health Ontario Read Aloud Books webpage. 

Gratitude Resources 

Benefits of Gratitude 

Gratitude Tips - Video 

Gratitude Prompts 

Gratitude: 5 things any parent can do


Staff Well-Being on green background

Classroom Resources

Grab & Go Tools 

Consider these simple learning activities as part of your everyday mental health practices at school, taken from SMHO Mentally Healthy Back to School Support Package.  

Feelings Flashcards 

Mood Meter 

Practicing Gratitude 

See and Say How You Feel 

Would You Rather?    


Find a full list of these classroom tools on the School Mental Health Ontario website. 

Conversation Starters 
The classroom is an excellent place to promote and protect student mental health. Educators can use these Class Conversation Starter cards to develop a welcoming and caring classroom that supports learning, wellness, and equitable outcomes for all students.  
Every Day Mental Health Classroom Resource 
The Everyday Mental Health Classroom Resource offers a collection of high-quality, everyday mental health practices to enhance students’ social and emotional skills. Little things can make a big difference. Consider any one of these easy-to-implement mental health practices for elementary classrooms. 


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