Register for School-Registering for Kindergarten

Durham District School Board (DDSB) requires online registration for all new students entering Kindergarten. We are here to help you and your child find a school and transition into Kindergarten.

Early Childhood Educators (ECEs) are educated and trained professionals that specialize in the early development and learning of children. ECE’s working in Kindergarten, Child Care and EarlyON Hubs in Durham District School Board schools play a critical role in the delivery of high quality early learning and care. They have a wealth of knowledge in pedagogy and child development and plan and deliver programs that are responsive to young children’s abilities and interests.  Watch this video.


Register for Kindergarten

The online registration process for Kindergarten September 2022 is now open.  Please follow steps 1 through 3 below to register for Kindergarten beginning in September 2022. 

Age requirements for registration

Your child must meet the following age requirements to enter Kindergarten:

  • To register for Junior Kindergarten, your child must be 4 years old by December 31 in the current year
  • To register for Senior Kindergarten, your child must be 5 years old by December 31 in the current year

To register a child in Kindergarten:

  1. Use the school locator tool to find schools designated as the home school in your area;
  2. Create a parent account or log in to your existing account;
  3. Once your parent account has been created, please be sure to select the 2022-2023 school year. (if you select current year, the system may tell you your child is not old enough to register)

All online registrations are requests, not finalized registrations.   School administrators will set up appointments with families/caregivers in early spring to visit the school to complete the registration process; bringing the appropriate documentation to finalize their child’s registration.

Need help registering online? Please connect with the office staff via email at the DDSB school you are registering for.  Contact information for school may be found on this website at: 

Kindergarten and French Immersion schools

Registration for Kindergarten at all schools begins January 11, 2022. 

All Kindergarten students must register at their ‘designated home school’ for the Kindergarten program. Please use the school locator tool to identify your home school. If your child is interested in learning in our French Immersion (FI) program, you will be able to transfer them to the closest single track FI school in the spring prior to them entering Grade One.

The Kindergarten program at all single track FI schools, will not be accepting new registrations for the 2022/2023 school year and effective September 2023, single track FI schools will no longer offer the Kindergarten Program.

Kindergarten resources for families


Home schooling

Please view the DDSB Home Schooling procedure if you choose to home school your child instead of enrolling them in Kindergarten.