Progressive Discipline

The Progressive Discipline strategy is part of Durham District School Board's (DDSB) Positive School Climates initiative. This strategy focuses on ensuring that all discipline takes individual circumstances into consideration and promotes improved behaviour. Discipline should always be used as a learning tool.

Preventing negative behaviours

By taking a Whole School Approach, we have created pro-active programs such as Bullying Prevention and Intervention, Character Education and citizenship development to limit the need for discipline.

Types of discipline

View our Equitable Framework for Progressive Discipline Resource and the Progressive Discipline poster for more information on how we practice Progressive Discipline in our schools.

You can refocus discipline on behavioural change by using these intervention and discipline strategies:

  • Interview students about their behaviour
  • Review the Code of Conduct with the student
  • Communicate with their parent or guardian
  • Ask the student to reflect on their behaviour
  • Create a behaviour contract that outlines suitable behaviour

The guidelines regulating suspensions and expulsions are found in the DDSB Code of Conduct and Discipline for Students.

Ministry of Education guidelines

The Ontario Ministry of Education provides guidelines for schools, school boards, families and students on how to apply Progressive Discipline strategies.