Academy for Student Athlete Development

Durham District School Board (DDSB) works in partnership with the Academy for Student Athlete Development (ASAD). ASAD is for secondary school student-athletes in high performance sports or those training to compete at provincial and national levels. ASAD helps student-athletes at these high levels of competition and performance athletically, academically and psychologically.

How ASAD works

Students in ASAD are full-time equivalent, secondary students which ensures eligibility and preparation for next level placement in Canada, the United States and internationally for sports and education.


Student-athletes get a tailored athletic development plan from ASAD. The plan is based on the athlete's stage in the Long-Term Athlete Development model in their sport. This includes strength and conditioning, sports psychology, nutrition and lifestyle management. Learn more about ASAD athletics.


Student-athletes go to the ASAD training facility for half their school day, and to their DDSB school for the other half of the day. DDSB is responsible for the academic component of learning. Students receive a learning program based on their Individual Pathway Plans. Learn more about ASAD academics.

You can find admission requirements and enrollment fees on the ASAD website.