Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP)

The Ontario Youth and Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) allows high school students to get a jump-start on a career in the skilled trades. It consists of a hands-on practical approach to education. Students can take a Co-op in the skilled trades or, in their final semester of grade 12, participate in the OYAP Regional Level 1 program.


Co-op Placement in Skilled Trades

If you are completing an apprenticeship placement through cooperative education or a Special High Skills Major, you are an OYAP student. To apply for an apprenticeship, you must:

  • Be 16 years of age
  • Have completed 16 Ontario secondary school credits
  • Have good academic standing and excellent attendance
OYAP Regional Level 1 Program

The Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program provides students with the opportunity to begin an apprenticeship while still attending secondary school. Students participate in the Level 1 program while in their final semester of Grade 12, however; the application process and interviews for desired spots in the program begins in Grade 11.

Applications are due no later than Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Level 1 Apprenticeship Programs currently offered:
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Automotive Service Technician

Durham College

Durham College, Whitby


Durham College

Durham College, Whitby


Durham College

Durham College, Whitby

Industrial Mechanic Millwright

Durham College

Durham College, Whitby


Durham College

Durham College, Whitby


Durham College

Durham College, Whitby


Durham District SB

Durham Hairstylist Academy, Oshawa

General Carpenter

Fleming College

Fleming College, Peterborough

General Carpenter Local 27

College of Carpenters, Local 27

M.J. Pereyma, Oshawa

Program Details
  • Level 1 OYAP programs are regular apprenticeships that include the first level of in-school training (Trade School) at either Fleming College in Peterborough or Durham College, Whitby Trade Centre. (The exception is Hairstyling and General Carpenter, Local 27 where students attend a Training Delivery Agent to obtain their first level of in-school training).
  • Students will earn 1 – 3 Dual Credits for the time spent at College in the Level 1 program. These credits will count toward both their OSSD and their Apprenticeship Certification. (Exception: Hairstylist and General Carpenter Local 27 are only secondary school credits, because they are earned at a Training Delivery Agent rather than a College).
  • Cooperative Education credits are granted for time spent at the workplace
  • In-school training hours do not count toward the total apprenticeship hours. However, hours spent in the workplace must be carefully documented, as they would be a negotiable item between the Employer, the Training Consultant and the Apprentice to be considered toward the total apprenticeship hour  requirement.
  • Students are encouraged to focus on obtaining the necessary skills required to complete their apprenticeship rather than on hours as each apprentice is provided with a Training Standards Booklet that is used to record their competencies and skill sets.
  • Students require approval of a Registered Training Agreement signed between the Employer, the Apprentice and the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development to attend the Level 1 in-school  training.
  • While in the Program, students attend the participating College/Training Delivery Agent (Durham College, Fleming College, Pereyma, or the Hairstylist Academy weekly).
  • Transportation to the in-school training and work placement is the responsibility of the student and/or parent. Support for transportation may be available for students with financial need.  Please speak to your co-op teacher for more information.
  • Work placements are arranged through the school’s Cooperative Education Department and are not paid placements.
  • Cooperative Education teachers are responsible for arranging and monitoring suitable placements.  
  • Costs associated with Level 1 (tuition, textbooks, PPE’s and some transportation costs), are covered by the school board. Items not covered are personal safety boots; these are the students’ responsibility. Support may be available for students with financial need.  Please speak to your co-op teacher for more information. 
  • Punctual and regular attendance is essential to be successful in this program.
  • Students are expected to treat their employers and co-workers with respect and adhere to all Cooperative Education guidelines.
Requirements for the program
  1. Achieved an average of 70% or greater at the College/University level Math, English and Technology courses appropriate to their specific chosen trade. Students with Cooperative Education and/or work experience in the chosen area of interest will be given preference in the application process.
  2. Applicants must be registered as a 4 credit Cooperative Education student in Grade 12 and have their timetable adjusted to allow for the completion of all compulsory courses before their final semester to be eligible for graduation.   Please discuss with your Guidance Counsellor if questions.
Application Link and Process
  1. Prior to opening the application link, have the following ready: 

a)  The following Application Questions prepared and typed, in order to cut and paste answers into the application:

  • What is an apprenticeship?
  • Describe what you know about the trade for which you are applying.  Please be specific in your response.  (For example, skills needed, demand for this career, what does a journey person in this trade do in a day, etc.)
  • Explain in your own words what the OYAP (Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program) Level 1 program is and how it will benefit/ prepare you for your career.
  • Tell us why you are the best student for this opportunity.  What experiences or background and skills will you bring to the program.  (For example, co-op/job experience, in-school classes, part-time jobs, interests, etc.)

b)      Resume and Cover Letter (to be uploaded)

c)       OYAP Participant Form 1 completed and signed Obtain this form from the Co-op Teacher and return the completed copy to them

d)      Name of Co-op teacher you spoke with regarding the OYAP Program and the OYAP Application Questions

e)      Name of two teachers who will provide references (please include first and last name, and ensure the teachers are aware they will be contacted centrally)


You are ready to begin your application.  You and your parent/guardian (if under 18) will need to sign the application/computer prior to submitting the application.

Applications are due no later than Wednesday, May 11, 2022


OYAP Regional Level 1 Application


Notification of Acceptance 
  • Students may be required to attend a virtual interview.  Those students will be notified of interviews by text message and email.
  • All students will be notified of the status of their application in early June by their Cooperative Education Teachers.




Watch this video to learn the student benefits of OYAP.