Hairstylist Academy

Durham Hairstylist Academy (DHA) in Oshawa offers a Hairstylist Apprenticeship program to select Grade 12 Durham District School Board (DDSB) students as well as Durham Region adult Hairstylist apprentices. You can complete an Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) or Adult Apprenticeship.

You will train in a state-of-the-art salon under the guidance of a licensed hairstylist. This course will teach how to:

  • Perform routine salon functions
  • Perform service fundamentals
  • Treat scalp and hair
  • Cut hair
  • Style hair
  • Perform a chemical wave
  • Perform chemical texture services
  • Perform colour services
  • Work with wigs, hairpieces and extensions

You will also learn work place health and safety procedures.

Adult Hairstylist Apprenticeship

You can earn your Level 1 and Level 2 hairstylist apprenticeship through this program.  You must be a registered apprentice in order to join the program.

Program requirements

To qualify for the adult apprenticeship program, you must:

How to Register as a Hairstylist Apprentice

  • Step 1: find a Sponsor to hire you as an apprentice. A Sponsor is an employer who provides you with paid apprenticeship training.
  • Step 2: apply for an Apprenticeship online 
  • Step 3: sign a Registered Training Agreement and begin earning your apprenticeship hours.
  • Step 4: work with your Sponsor and earn apprenticeship hours while you wait for an Offer of Classroom Training
  • Step 5: when your Offer of Classroom Training is received, contact DHA to register for Level 1.


Contact the employability skills secretary for more information regarding registration.


Registered apprentices only pay $400 (10% of the tuition cost). You will need to purchase books and mannequins to complete the apprenticeship.

Employment Ontario funds and supports the rest of the program costs.