Durham Integrated Arts Camp (DIAC)

Durham Integrated Arts Camp (DIAC) is an intensive Arts exploration opportunity for Durham District School Board (DDSB) students with a passion for Music, Visual Art, Music Theatre and Dance. The philosophy of this camp focuses upon the immersion of students in a creative outdoor culture where learning in, about, and through the arts encourages each child's "voice" to be heard, fosters a culture of inclusion, and celebrates the diverse talents and skills that every child can nurture in this unique educational setting. Supporting these goals is an energetic, talented, and dedicated DIAC team which includes DDSB teachers, professional artists, and guest artists. This creative learning environment provides students with opportunities to develop a deeper understanding of their art, their abilities, and their lives by making authentic personal and intrapersonal connections among the arts disciplines. 

Highlights for DIAC 2024 - coming in January